There are five frogs in North America that can survive being frozen. They freeze to the point where the organs stop functioning. The further north they live, the lower the temperature they can endure. In the spring they thaw out and after a short period of tissue repair, they awake fully and hop away. » 3/04/15 12:10am Today 12:10am

These cost overruns in New York City and elsewhere are caused by Organized Crime and the corruption of officials by these organizations. They have spread their filthy tentacles into our societies to the point where larger cities couldn't operate without them. Just like the people who run Wall Street, they have become… » 3/03/15 12:13am Yesterday 12:13am

No, he's from the Netherworld. He was sent to our realm by the Crab People in an attempt to establish a base of operations for their eventual totalitarian rule. They gave him a "Magic BanHammer" to assist him in this endeavor but he ran amok with its power and made them all look ridiculous. They tried to summon him… » 3/02/15 11:25pm Monday 11:25pm

"Mosey"? How I love that wonderful, American word. It conjures up such romantic visions. Mesas, saloons, the doffing of cowboy hats as a lady passes on the dusty streets, hitching posts, ridin' the range, bordellos, cacti and a thousand others. » 3/02/15 10:34pm Monday 10:34pm